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      National Service Hotline: 13931908059

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      West Xingtai Mach in ery Co.,Ltd.

      Enterprise spirit:

      Relying on the power of science and technology

      Customer service is continuously improved with technical data

      Better serve you and your problem ends here

      Staff spirit:

      Strive to develop new self

      Peace, devotion, dedication

      Adhere to cooperation and stability, improve the lack of innovation and innovation.

      You found the problem and didn't work hard to solve it, which made the company go down.

      Managerial spirit:

      The employee’s mistake is the manager’s problem.

      Management is not only to be constrained, but also to understand

      Do a big thing = do a lot of small things × management coordinating ability

      Corporate talent concept:

      Talent is the capital of the enterprise. The overall interests of the enterprise are reflected in each individual. The realization of the overall goal must be the realization of each person's goal. The overall success is the embodiment of each individual's success. The company encourages employees to provide long-term service. It is our duty to provide ideal lifelong responsibilities.