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      National Service Hotline: 13931908059

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      West Xingtai Mach in ery Co.,Ltd.

      West Xingtai Mach in ery Co.,Ltd.(formerly Julu Tianyuan Rubber Machinery Factory) is specialized in producing all kinds of rubber machinery of large-scale enterprises, the company  was founded in 1988,now it owns CNC machining center, large gantry milling machine,CNC cutting and other advanced processing equipment, and has an R&D team formed by engineers. After over 30 years' un「emitting efforts, we have dad the lead in the high product quality and degree of automation in the domestic advanced level.

      The company mainly produces flat vulcanizing machiine, rubber injection molding machines,conveyor belt complete sets of equipmengt,V-belt complete sets of equipment and molds and other products. With a high degree of automation, reliable operation and characteristics of the products, we enjoy a good reputation among the users.