June 21, 2011


June 21, 2011

It's storming here. 
The best kind.
Nothing quite like a good squall to remind you how insignificant you really are.
Here, on this planet. 
Life isn't a gift or a blessing, but simply a circumstance.
This curious state of self-awareness we find ourselves inhabiting is so arbitrary.
But somehow the feel of life,
the way is wriggles inside me, pulses and vibrates and dances in the pit of my stomach
gives me pause, and a bit of respect for the circumstance in which I find myself,
a bit of respect for my very existence and simply being aware of it.
This accident of cell division
This afterthought of brain structure
perhaps what could have simply begun as a misfiring of synapses
This feeling of life tickling and licking my innards
seems an unfathomable maelstrom of
awareness on fire. 

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  1. I like how you separated the word "electric" . It made read every line more intently.

    Hi, btw...it's been awhile


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