March 22, 2010

Memoir Monday: My Best Friend Annah

March 22, 2010

When I was in kindergarten and first grade, I had a best friend named Annah.  I only recently realized that it was only for a 2 or 3-year period of time.  It seemed like we were best friends forever.  We were the quintessential two peas in a pod.

We had slumber parties.....which always seemed to end in one or the other of us calling our moms in the middle of the night to come pick us up because we were homesick. 

We always "went walkin'" when we were bored.  Basically, that meant just walkin' around our neighborhoods.  But I always remember us saying, "Hey, wanna go walkin'?"

I had a HUGE crush on a boy that lived up the street from her.  His name was Ronnie Garner.  All three of us went to the same private school for kindergarten and first grade.  We were in Mrs. Rickles' kindergarten class and Mrs. Hughes' first grade class.

My cousin also went to the same school, but she was a lot older than us.  We hated my cousin.  She was a crazy whore.

One day, me and Annah asked my cousin if she wanted to play on the see-saw with us.  So, me and Annah sat together on one side and Ms. Crazy Whore sat on the other side.  Me and Annah were sitting on the down side of the see-saw and Ms. Crazy Whore was sitting on the up side.  Annah and I whispered to each other "one...two...three!"  And we jumped off the see-saw.  Ms. Crazy Whore cried her dumb little eyeballs out.  Years later, she still swore she slipped a disk in her back that day.  She was probably right.

Me and Annah both had a HUGE crush on Mr. Jefferson, the principal at our school.  So, one day, Annah wrote a love note to Mr. Jefferson and signed my name on it.  He came to my first grade class room, called me out into the hallway, and proceeded to explain to me that "my" love note was very inappropriate.  I hated Annah for probably a whole 2 days.  Then we both decided it was pretty funny.

A lot of times, me and Annah would fight like sisters.  We'd holler and scream and say we hated each other.  We really didn't.

Our favorite thing in the whole wide world was to play this:

Eeny, meeny justa meeny shoobop bopaleeni
otchi kotchi liber-otchi
I love you baby zoom, zoom, ZOOM
Take a peach, take a plum, take a piece of bubblegum.
No peach, no plum, justa piece of bubblegum
I saw your boyfriend last night.  How do you know?
Peeked through the keyhole nosy, stingy, jumped out the window like crazy.  Sooooo.....
Eeny, meeny justa meeny shoobop bopaleeni
otchi kotchi liber-otchi
I love you baby zoom, zoom, ZOOM!

.....and try to clap our hands as fast as possible.  We hardly ever got through the whole thing without bursting out laughing.

Then, after first grade, we went to different schools.  We really weren't best friends anymore after that.  I was kinda sad.

But then she added me as a friend on Facebook and I was happy again.

The End.


  1. "We hated my cousin. She was a crazy whore."

    That wins "Best Sentence" today.

    Congrats. Made me laugh.

    Great story!

  2. I've known a lot of Crazy Whores in my life. Some of them were my BFF's.

  3. Hey, Crazy Whore is a friend of mine! LOL! Great story... Glad you two are friends again. Isn't facebook the best for reconnecting??? You can chat without much of a commitment like a phone call or email. I am a facebook addict!

  4. A love note to the principal....that's good stuff. I may have to try that *wink*

  5. It's never official until it's on Facebook! Although I don't think they should allow Crazy Whores.

  6. Ms. Crazy Whore is still a crazy whore, too. Except, she's a crazy whore who's pushing 40 now. I'd still slam her ass on the see-saw in a heartbeat.


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